Dr. Fechner is a board certified facial plastic surgeon who teaches facial volume restoration as an important corner stone of rejuvenation nationally and internationally. Over the years, he has employed fat grafting in hundreds of patients, both combined with face and neck lifting, together with other facial cosmetic procedures (eyelid lift, rhinoplasty, browlift, skin resurfacing) or as a stand-alone procedure. Dr. Fechne
r’s stem cell facelift serves as a comprehensive state-of-the-art approach for a superior and more biologic facial rejuvenation.

Affiliated with UMassMemorial Medical Center in Worcester and Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary in Boston, Dr. Fechner’s teaching appointments include the medical schools of UMass and Harvard. His attention to detail and experience with advanced facial aesthetic procedures has resulted in Dr. Fechner being one of the most sought after plastic surgeons in Massachusetts, New England and beyond.


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