Stem Cell Facelift

As medical research has progressed, stem cells have been identified as key to future treatments for many diseases and conditions. Their value in cellular cellular facial rejuvenation is cutting edge, and Dr. Fechner and other leading plastic surgeons have seen great outcomes in using ones’ own cells for facial injections during a face lift procedure to compliment their efforts and give a more youthful appearance.

Research demonstrated that multi-potent stem cells are contained within the grafted fat. The stem cell enhanced face and neck lift technique is based on the thorough understanding of the biology and structural changes related to aging: we lose facial fat volume followed by gravity related changes.

The logical solution lies in correction of both: restoration of youthful fullness AND repositioning of what has drooped with a face and neck lift. One of the misconceptions has been the attempt to lift the aging away – a fallacy that commonly lead to stretched, tight, “swooshed”, wind-blown and even grotesque appearances.

On the other hand, gravity related changes such as jowling and neck aging will not improve solely with volume restoration and stem cell transfer. This is why Dr. Fechner is a firm believer in the value of stem cell enhanced face lift.

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