With acne or other scarring conditions of the skin the damaged area can be either raised (keloid) or sunken and potentially discolored. If the area identified is depressed or pitted, the patient has the option of using fat injections to plump the area, raising it up to meet the healthy, undamaged skin. Acne scaring becomes often more prominent as we lose facial fullness: the skin collapses without the structural support leading to deeper scar depressions.

Other procedures employed to lessen the appearance of this sort of scar are laser treatments, chemical peels and dermabrasion, all of which involve resurfacing the scar and surrounding skin to lessen the appearance of the pit. Dr. Fechner feels that fat injections are a good option for improved results in most patients. During the private consultation, evaluation of the scar during the examination is the best way for the patient to determine the appropriate technique(s) for scar repair.


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