After appropriate anesthesia, the fat is removed from the pre-determined donor area. Most commonly, the lower belly, the hips or upper thighs are regions, where most patients have some fat to spare. Access is gained through small skin punctures created with a needle.

In contrast to regular body liposuction, Dr. Fechner performs fat harvesting for facial grafting without a suction machine. Rather, he uses a small cannula attached to a syringe. He applies gentle suction pressure only in order to avoid undue trauma to the precious fat cells. Fat cells that do not survive the process of facial fat transfer will not contribute to the desired long-lasting volume enhancement.

Usually, between 40 to 60cc of fat is sufficient for facial fat injection. Fat purification is performed with the help of a centrifuge which separates fat cells from undesirable fluids. Next, Dr. Fechner injects the purified and sterile fat into the identified areas of the face.

In addition to careful harvesting and handling, the injection technique is another key aspect in successful fat grafting. Dr. Fechner uses small blunted needles (fat grafting cannulas) to deposit tiny amounts of fat in various facial layers. Because procedure success depends on the transplanted fat obtaining its own blood supply for survival, simply injecting a larger volume in one particular location will not lead to satisfactory results.

At the completion of the fat grafting procedure, no stitches or dressings are required. Ice compresses are applied and the patient is discharged after an appropriate observation period.


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