Considering any surgical procedure is a big decision, and making improvements to ones face should be well researched, appropriately planned and executed with technical expertise. As you prepare to move forward with facial fat grafting, make sure that you have realistic views of the results facial fat injections, a face lift or a stem cell facelift can provide. One of the many important steps is to choose the right physician to perform your procedure.
You will be given a list of important steps to follow prior to your facial fat grafting. In addition to others, Dr. Frank Fechner requires the following:

  • Avoid aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen, anti coagulation medications (i.e. warfarin), and vitamin E for 14 days prior to your planned procedure.
  • We ask that you discontinue any supplements, alternative or herbal medicines (including St. John’s Worth, Ginkgo, fish oil, etc.). If you have questions about specific important supplements, please ask Dr. Fechner before your procedure.
  • You will start taking a high dose (2,000mg per day) of vitamin C.
  • Do not drink alcohol for 7 days leading up to your facial fat transfer.
  • Smoking is strongly discouraged prior to any facial aesthetic procedure. Stop smoking at least 1 week prior to fat injections. Because nicotine impacts blood vessels in an undesired manner, it is also inappropriate to use trans-dermal patches or gum containing nicotine.
  • You should arrange for transportation home after your procedure, as you will be under mind-altering medications and it will be unsafe for you to operate a vehicle.
  • Dr. Fechner will order other medical examinations and laboratory tests as required.


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