Chin, Jaw Line & Jowls

As the hands of time progress, your jaw line and chin recede or become less apparent and you may see the appearance of jowls. When the skin begins to lose elasticity and tone it sags and allows for less of an attractive line to be seen. By using facial fat injections in key locations along the jaw line Dr. Fechner will be able to add three-dimensional rejuvenation to these areas, and better define the outline of your face.

The most aesthetically pleasing face is often described as a triangle, with cheeks at the top, dominating the widest part of the shape and the chin its peak. At our prime this triangle is well proportioned and full, but when we age and the cheeks loose dominance the chin area can also slack. By injecting fat into the center and the sides of the chin, Dr. Fechner can recreate that point in the triangle and produce the appearance of a softer face.

Dr. Fechner will do a proper evaluation to determine the severity of your jowl prominence. It may be easily complimented with a small injection of fat. If the jowls are more significant the best option may involve a fast-recovery or comprehensive face lift to properly adjust this area.

Virtually all patients who undergo face and neck lifting benefit from facial fat grafting. Therefore, Dr. Fechner considers fat transfer an integral part of his advanced face lifts.

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