Face Aging

Every one of us will experience it – after years in the sun, weight loss and gain, environmental factors, smoking and just getting older, our face will begin to show the first signs of aging. Maybe it’s the dark circles and bags under the eyes that never seem to improve no matter how much sleep you get. It could be the appearance of jowls, hollowing of the cheeks or thinning lips.

As you age, the muscles in your face weaken and lose their tone and the youthful facial volume due to fat you had in your 20’s and 30’s dissipates. This results in a tired, droopy looking appearance, often times making people look older than they are or more worn and tired appearing than they feel. As Dr. Fechner points out: “First we lose facial volume – gravity related changes follow suit.” Therefore, for a natural and meaningful rejuvenation, facial fat restoration comes first, lifting and tightening of facial tissues come later.


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