Many patients note the first sign of aging when the dark circles under their eyes never go away, they notice the appearance of excessive skin on the top lids or that there seem to be “pillows” underneath the eye. Most recently the solution to this was to have a blepharoplasty (eye lift) on the upper lid to remove excess skin or beneath the eye, to remove fat deposits. While the immediate results may have been positive, over time as we age and naturally lose fat in face and orbital areas suddenly the eyes look excessively sunken or pulled, giving the patient a rather unhealthy appearance.

Today Dr. Fechner is able to use facial fat injections to increase the volume in these areas. He strives to mirror the refreshed look one had in their 30’s, leaving a more natural, youthful orbital area. Certainly, eyelid lifts can be combined with facial fat injections for a balanced improvement.

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