Complications from fat injections are extremely rare, but some risks exist. The benefits of using local anesthesia with sedation are that most likely, you will have no nausea, vomiting or other unpleasant side effects commonly associated with general anesthesia. Bleeding or blood loss are virtually non-existing with facial fat grafting and there is less operative time.

Puffiness after fat grafting will be present together with various amounts of bruising (“black and blue”) and therefore, should not be considered a complication. Theoretical risks include infection, scarring, skin dimpling, asymmetries, lumpiness and bumpiness and others. Please talk to Dr. Fechner or your plastic surgeon regarding his personal experience. Dr. Fechner routinely prescribes prophylactic antibiotics for your use in advance of and after your fat grafting procedure to lessen the potential of infections. He and his staff will also ensure that you have a full understanding of the care needed after the fat injections to insure proper healing.

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