Isolated fat grafting procedures last about 60 minutes. Under avoidance of general anesthesia, Dr. Fechner uses local anesthesia with sedation for his fat grafting procedures, an approach similar to what one might experience at the dentist office when having a wisdom tooth taken out.

Once the patient is relaxed and sleepy, the area of your body chosen for fat harvest (for instance the hips or stomach) will be numbed with a dilute mixture of lidocaine (“Novocain”) and epinephrine (adrenalin). Dr. Fechner prefers this tumescent anesthesia technique because the fat can be removed without any significant admixture of blood.

During the fat harvest, patients are usually asleep but breathing spontaneously. The face can be effectively anesthetized using strategically placed lidocaine injections (a.k.a. “nerve blocks”) which “freeze” larger regions of the face.

Additional deposition of lidocaine can minimize bruising afterwards and it will ensure that facial areas are totally insensate during the fat injections. Throughout your procedure, vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen content are closely monitored.

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