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Welcome to a site designed to educate you on facial fat injections, a state-of-the-art, office based procedure that improves the signs of facial aging using the person's own fat cells. This site can help you determine if facial fat injections are a good option for you and you will also find information here on how to select a physician to counsel and possibly perform the procedure, what to expect the day of the procedure, during recovery and in the years to come.

For years, Massachusetts facial plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Fechner has been using facial fat injections to rejuvenate a patient's face, and he strongly believes in the procedure as a minimally invasive option with fantastic results. This process involves harvesting fat from one's own body (often the thighs or lower stomach) and injecting it into areas of the face that have begun to sink or hollow due to the natural aging process.

When using facial fat grafting for rejuvenation of the face the cosmetic surgeon demonstrates a thorough understanding of the natural aging process. But in order to achieve truly nice results, the surgeon requires in addition to this insight a keen eye for harmonious and attractive facial aesthetics and expert technique.

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